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Bucha App is a 100% non-profit. Donate % or $ of total cart value. Give your customers an option to stand for peace, democracy and Ukraine's freedom.

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Do what you do best but be a part of a change

Russia's war against Ukraine has already claimed thousands of lives. It is the largest conflict within Europe since World War II. During World War II there was no technology for people to unite and help. Today it is a different story. Bucha App is a technological solution to bring e-commerce and your customers together, and stand with Ukraine. We understand that life and business needs to go on. However, by doing what you do best, you can also be a part of a change. Join the e-commerce community for peace in Ukraine.


How It Works

Bucha App is an easy and transparent solution to help Ukraine

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Install and customise

Install & customize the Bucha App plugin in minutes. Customize to fit your brand’s look and feel.

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Choose % or $ of total cart 

You can choose a percentage or an amount of the total cart value that you would like to donate

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Automation and Transparency 

Bucha App is 100% non-profit. It provides automated, transparent way to donate. You and your customer can see the exact amount which

 goes to support Ukraine.

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You will receive reports how much the e-commerce community has raised and where the money were spent.

Bucha is 100% non-profit organization

100% of donations from Bucha.app partner stores goes directly to our donation account. All donations help Ukraine's fight for freedom and peace. 

Bucha.app team's expenses for technological and organizational development are covered by companies, organisations and individual donors with direct transfers to our expenses account. 

100% donations

no hidden fees

transparent framework

Long term impact

You choose donation % or $ 

According to United Nations 10 Million people, mostly women and children have fled their homes in Ukraine. Those who stayed are doing what they can to survive and protect Ukraine are also in real need for help. Your money will go to "Blue and Yellow" and "Helping Wing" organisations which purchase most needed medicine, food and equipment.

Boost brand value
77% of Consumers expect brands to show support to people in times of crisis.
73% will choose a company which support the cause.

Havas Group, 2021, study of 395 000 people

Increase Loyalty
64% prefer to stay loyal to a company with purpose other than just profit.
53% of consumers are willing to pay more for a brand that takes a stand.

Havas Group, 2021, study of 395 000 people

Help Ukraine
100% of the money will go to support Ukraine and its people. 
Help Ukraine win!